Trevigen Develops Chip Seal Packaging Design for Distribution and Storage of its CometChip®

Trevigen recently reinvented the direct detection of DNA damage with their high-throughput CometChip® Platform. The new approach is centered around the CometChip® which uses arrayed micropore technology. At the Society of Toxicology 56th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo™, Trevigen Inc. formally released its Chip Seal packaging design for the CometChip®. The CometChip® is a revolutionary breakthrough for the comet assay exclusively licensed from MIT and is a key component to additional patent pending technologies developed by Trevigen, Inc.

The Problem

The underlying principal of the comet assay is that when mammalian cells are embedded in agarose and electrophoresed, damaged DNA migrates more readily than undamaged DNA. Despite its broad potential utility, the comet assay protocol remained unchanged for over 20 years. The traditional comet assay requires highly skilled hands and is very time consuming. Due to the complexity of the protocol there is significant inter-sample variability. Finally, comets need to be individually imaged and analyzed using prohibitively expensive software programs. Thus, the traditional comet assay suffers from slow throughput, sample-to-sample variation, technical difficulties and cost.

The Solution

Trevigen applied engineering principles and NextGen image analysis techniques to overcome problems in throughput, noise, and cost. Simply place the CometChip® in our CometAssay® Electrophoresis System and produce perfect comets arrayed in a uniform plane. Then analyze with our state- of –the –art Comet Analysis Software and achieve up to 10,000% increase in throughput!

Packaging: With the ever increasing importance of genotoxicity risk analysis, there is worldwide demand for the valuable information provided with comet assay technology when used in conjunction with the standard battery of tests. To meet the needs of the international toxicology community we developed Chip Seal Packaging that maintains the integrity of the arrayed 30 micron pores on the CometChip® while maintaining the proper humidity for domestic and international shipments and storage.

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