Cultrex® 24 Insert Cell Invasion / Migration Chamber

The Cultrex® 24 Insert Cell Invasion / Migration Chamber is provided with the Cultrex® 24 Well Cell Invasion / Migration Assays.  The product contains 24 individual inserts, giving researchers the flexibility to use only as many inserts as needed when interrogating cell migration or invasion in a small number of experimental conditions.

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The Cultrex® 24 Insert Cell Invasion / Migration Chamber includes a clear receiver plate compatible with 24 well fluorescent plate reader, and 24 Tissue Culture-Treated Boyden Chamber Inserts with 8.0 µm polycarbonate membranes.  These inserts may be used as provided for evaluating cell migration, or they may be coated with extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins to interrogate cell invasion.  These inserts are appropriate for use with most endothelial, epithelial, fibroblast, or tumor cells.



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Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

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Image of Cultrex 24 Insert Invasion/Migration Plates
Cultrex® 24 Well Boyden Chamber Diagram.