Cultrex® DIVAA™ Inhibition Kit


The Directed In Vivo Angiogenesis Assay (DIVAA) Inhibition Kit was designed for assessing angiogenesis inhibition. DIVAA™ was developed to address the short-comings of the plug assay by controlling the site for angiogenesis, increasing reproducibility, conserving test compounds, and supplying more statistical data for quantitative analysis. The DIVAA™ Starter Kit contains 48 Angioreactors and enough growth factor to induce angiogenesis in all 48 angio-reactors.

Available Size(s): 48 Wells Catalog Number: 3450-048-IK Category:


DIVAA is the first in vivo system for the study of angiogenesis that provides quantitative and reproducible results. During the course of the assay, implant grade silicone cylinders closed at one end, called angioreactors, are filled with 20 μl of Trevigen’s PathClear® basement membrane extract (BME) premixed with or without angiogenic-modulating factors*. These angioreactors are then implanted subcutaneously in the dorsal flank of nude mice. Accompanied with the onset of angiogenesis, vascular endothelial cells proceed to grow into the BME and form vessels in the angioreactor. As early as nine days post-implantation, there are enough cells to determine an effective dose response to angiogenic modulating factors. The sleek design of the angioreactor provides a standardized platform for reproducible and quantifiable in vivo angiogenesis assays. Compared to the plug assay, the angioreactor prevents assay errors due to absorption of the basement membrane extract by the mouse. In addition, the angioreactor uses only a fraction of the materials conserving both BME and test compounds used, and up to four angioreactors may be implanted in each mouse, allowing for greater statistical power. Trevigen’s DIVAA has been used in a variety of investigations.

* The PathClear® designation means:

  • No bacterial or fungal growth detected after incubation at 37°C for 14 days following USP XXIV Chapter 71 sterility test.
  • Negative by PCR test for: mycoplasma, 17 bacterial and virus strains typically included in mouse antibody production (MAP) testing, plus 13 additional murine infectious agents including LDEV, for a total of 31 organisms and viruses.



Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

msds_3450-048-02 BME Reduced Growth Factor

msds_3450-048-03 10X Wash Buffer

msds_3450-048-05 CellSperse

msds_3450-048-06 200X FITC-Lectin

msds_3450-048-07 25X FITC-Lectin Diluent

msds_3450-048-08 Heparin Solution

msds_3450-048-B10 FGF-2 1800ng VEGF 600ng

3450-048-01 Safety Data Sheets are not provided for “articles” defined as a manufactured item other than a fluid or particle.

Catalog # 3450-048-IK includes :
Catalog Number Description Qty
3450-048-01 DIVAA Angioreactor 1
3450-048-03 DIVAA Wash Buffer 1
3450-048-06 DIVAA FITC-Lectin 200X 1
3450-048-07 25X FITC-Lectin Diluent 1
3450-048-08 Heparin Solution 1
3450-048-02 DIVAA BME 1
3450-048-05 DIVAA Cell Sperse 1
3450-048-B10 DIVAA FGF-2 (1800ng)/ VEGF (600ng) 1
Filling DIVAA Angioreactors.
Implanting DIVAA Angioreactors.
Angiogenesis inside DIVAA Angioreactors.