CultreCoat® In Vitro Vascular Permeability Kit

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The CultreCoat® 24 well Vascular Permeability Assay accelerates the screening process for signal transduction pathway modulators and compounds that influence vascular permeability, offering a flexible, standardized, high-throughput format for quantifying the degree to which genes or compounds can influence the maintenance of endothelial cell-to-cell adhesion.  The CultreCoat® 24 well Vascular Permeability Assays are provided as either a single 96 well plate providing capacity for large screening experiments or as 24 individual inserts providing flexibility for smaller studies.

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The CultreCoat® Vascular Permeability Assay employs a simplified Boyden chamber design with a one micron polyethylene terephthalate (PET) membrane coated with collagen I. Ports within the migration chamber (top) allow access to the assay chamber (bottom) without dismantling the device. This design is easier to use, prevents contamination, and is adaptable for robotic high throughput systems. The assay chamber may be directly analyzed in a plate reader, eliminating transfer steps that introduce additional variability to the assay.

The confluent cell monolayer forms a barrier through cell-cell adhesion mechanisms such as junctions (adherens, tight, and gap) and desmosomes, and this barrier restricts FITC-Dextran to the inserts. Disruption of these cell-cell adhesion mechanisms creates gaps in the intercellular space that allow diffusion of FITC-Dextran into the bottom chamber, so the amount of FITC-Dextran that diffuses is related to the amount of intercellular space, which is representative of vascular permeability.



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3475-024-01 CultreCoat® 24 Well Vascular Permeability Chamber 1
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Cultrex® 24 Well Boyden Chamber.
Cultrex® 24 Well Boyden Chamber Diagram.
Cultrex® 96 Well Boyden Chamber.
Cultrex® 96 Well Boyden Chamber Diagram.
Cultrex® Vascular Permeability Diagram.
Cultrex® Vascular Permeability Data.