Pharmacodynamic Assay Services


Pharmacodynamic Assay Services provide the expertise to monitor cellular activities for PARP-1 and gamma-H2AX in vivo.

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The PARP in vivo Pharmacodynamic Assay measures net PAR levels in tissue or cellular extracts and has been used to document in vivo differences in PARP activity with PBMC lysates, tumor lysates, organs, and xenografts.  The gamma-H2AX Pharmacodynamic assay is for the study of double-strand DNA breaks and documents differences in gamma-H2AX levels in peripheral blood mononuclear cells, cultured cells, and tissue biopsies. A senior scientist is assigned and a detailed project plan is prepared with the customer before work begins.  Updates are sent by e-mail and a final report with all raw data is provided at the conclusion of the study.

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Pharmacodynamic Assays HT γ-H2AX 4418-096-K γ-H2AX Levels in Human Lysates
PARP in vivo 4520-096-K PAR Levels in Tumor Lysates