PARP Assay Services


PARP Assay Services provide the expertise to measure the in vitro activities of PARP-1.

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Homogeneous PARP1 assay is well suited for the large-scale screening of compound libraries. The Universal PARP1 Assay is designed to analyze small numbers of inhibitors providing accurate IC50 information. The PARP1/Apoptosis assay provides more sensitivity to monitor activity in cell line lysates and provide IC50 information. A senior scientist is assigned and a detailed project plan is prepared with the customer before work begins. Updates are sent by e-mail and a final report with all raw data is provided at the conclusion of the study.

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PARP Assays Homogeneous PARP 4690-096-K PARP1 Inhibitor Compound Screening
Universal PARP 4676-096-K PARP1 Inhibitor IC50 Dose Response Curve
PARP/Apoptosis 4685-096-K PARP1 Activity in Cell Line Lysates