CometAssay® Silver Kit


The CometAssay® Silver Kit includes both comet assay reagents and components for the convenient silver staining of single cell gel electrophoresis samples. Designed specifically for use with the CometSlides™ to minimize unwanted background and the amount of hazardous waste generated by silver nitrate. The silver staining components may be purchased separately.

Available Size(s): 50 samples Catalog Number: 4251-050-K Category:



  • Allows visualization by standard light microscopy
  • Permanent staining for archiving samples
  • Optimized for CometSlide™ staining

CometAssay® and FLARE™

Once reconstituted 2X Staining Reagent #4 is stable for 3 months at 4°C.



Material Safety Data Sheet

msds_4250-050-01 Lysis Solution

msds_4250-050-02 LMAgarose

4250-050-03 Safety Data Sheets are not provided for “articles” defined as a manufactured item other than a fluid or particle.

msds_4250-050-04 200mM EDTA

msds_4254-200-01 20X Staining Reagent

msds_4254-200-02 20X Staining Reagent

msds_4254-200-03 20X Staining Reagent

msds_4254-200-04 2X Staining Reagent

msds_4254-200-05 10X Fixation Additive

Catalog # 4251-050-K includes :
Catalog Number Description Qty
4250-050-01 CometAssay® Lysis Solution 1
4250-050-02 CometAssay® LMAgarose 1
4250-050-03 CometSlides™ (2 Well, 25 Slides) 1
4250-050-04 200 mM EDTA, pH 10 1
4254-200-01 20X Staining Reagent #1 1
4254-200-02 20X Staining Reagent #2 1
4254-200-03 20X Staining Reagent #3 1
4254-200-04 2X Staining Reagent #4 1
4254-200-05 10X Fixation Additive 1