CometAssay® Kit (96 well, 1 slide)


CometAssay® 96 Kit includes one specially treated CometSlide™ (96 Well) and sufficient reagents (Lysis Solution, LMAgarose, and 200 mM EDTA pH 8) for 96 test samples.

Available Size(s): 96 Samples Catalog Number: 4253-096-K Category:



  • Specially treated slides to promote agarose adherence
  • Ready to use low melt agarose (LMAgarose) in convenient size
  • Lysis Solution suitable for either alkaline or neutral comet assay
  • Optimized electrophoresis conditions


  • Applicable for the analysis of either single- or double-strand DNA breaks
  • Study cellular responses to DNA damage
  • Screen for inhibitors of DNA repair
  • Test chemicals for toxicity
  • Screen for environmental mutagens



Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

msds_4250-050-02 LMAgarose

msds_4250-050-04 200mM EDTA

msds_4250-010-01 Lysis Solution

4253-096-03 Safety Data Sheets are not provided for “articles” defined as a manufactured item other than a fluid or particle.

Catalog # 4253-096-K includes :
Catalog Number Description Qty
4250-010-01 CometAssay® Lysis Solution 1
4250-050-02 CometAssay® LMAgarose 1
4250-050-04 200 mM EDTA, pH 10 1
4253-096-03 CometSlide™ (96 Well) 1


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