CometAssay® Control Cells

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These cryopreserved cell preparations contain different levels of DNA damage to be used as controls when performing the comet assay. Select the appropriate set of control cells when performing either the alkaline or neutral comet assay.  Both sets are provided at 5 x 105 cells/ml.

Available Size(s): 10 Assays Catalog Number: 4257-010-CC Category:


A healthy control cell population (C0) is treated with a DNA damaging agent to increase the amount of damage in populations C1, C2 and C3, respectively. Etoposide is the damaging agent used for Alkaline Control Cells (CC0-CC3) and Bleomycin is the damaging agent used for Neutral Control Cells (NC0-NC3).


  • Provides a range of DNA damage for comparison with statistically distinct populations.
  • Allows for electrophoresis method to be standardized between individual users.
  • Standardized with Trevigen’s CometAssay® Electrophoresis System
  • Cell populations remain stable in liquid nitrogen for long term storage.

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Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

msds_4256-010-CC Alkaline CometAssay Control Cells

msds_4257-010-NC Neutral CometAssay Control Cells



Catalog # 4256-010-CC includes : 
Catalog Number Description Qty
4256-010-CC0 CCO (Healthy  Cells), White Cap 1
4256-010-CC1 CC1 (Treated Cells), Yellow Cap 1
4256-010-CC2 CC2 (Treated Cells), Green Cap 1
4256-010-CC3 CC3 (Treated Cells), Red Cap 1
Catalog # 4257-010-NC (with white inserts) includes : 
Catalog Number Description Qty
4257-010-NC0 NCO (Healthy  Cells), White Cap 1
4257-010-NC1 NC1 (Treated Cells), Yellow Cap 1
4257-010-NC2 NC2 (Treated Cells), Blue Cap 1
4257-010-NC3 NC3 (Treated Cells), Green Cap 1