Comet Analysis Software


The software applies state of the image processing methods to automatically locate and score comets to characterize and quantify the degree of DNA damage revealed by the comet assay. It is compatible with 4X images which allows for rapid screening of up to 300 comets in seconds when analyzing CometChip®. Trevigen’s Comet Analysis Software can rapidly evaluate large numbers of cells, related to each treatment group or screening target in a study, and generate summary statistics based on the corresponding numeric results.

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Comet Analysis Software Instructional Video


  • designed to work under Microsoft’s Windows™ Operating System (Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7).
  • compatible with 4X (recommended) and 10X images.
  • compatible with images of various sizes, encoded in the most common digital file formats (TIFF, JPEG, and PNG).
  • software does not provide capabilities for direct control of camera for image capture. Images must be captured outside of Trevigen’s Comet Analysis Software.


  • CometAssay® or CometChip®
  • Alkaline or Neutral Comet
  • Measurements for Percent DNA in Tail, Tail Moment, Tail Length, Integrated Cell Intensity, Tail Area, Tail Moment Arm, Tail Moment of Inertia, and Fragmentation.
  • Summary Statistics
  • Easy export for Boxplot Analysis

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Trevigen Comet Analysis Software Manual

Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

4260-000-CS Safety Data Sheets are not provided for “articles” defined as a manufactured item other than a fluid or particle.


SOT 2017 Trevigen’s CometChip® Platform for High-Through-Put DNA Damage

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