PARP Universal Chemiluminescent Assay Kit


The PARP Universal Chemiluminescent Assay Kit is ideal for the in vitro screening of candidate PARP-1 inhibitors and determination of IC50 values.

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Available Size(s): 96 tests Catalog Number: 4676-096-K Category:


This ELISA based assay detects biotinylated poly (ADP-ribose) deposited by PARP-1 onto immobilized histones in a 96-well format. The addition of Strep-HRP (biotin-binding protein) and a chemiluminescent HRP substrate yields relative light units (RLU) that correlates with PARP-1 activity.


  • Chemiluminescent readout
  • 96 strip-well format
  • Sensitive – detects 10 mU PARP /well
  • Assay Time ~3 hrs

For the in vitro screening of candidate PARP-1 inhibitors and determination of IC50 values.



Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

msds_4671-096-02 20X PARP Buffer

msds_4671-096-03 10X PARP Cocktail

msds_4671-096-06 10X Activated DNA

msds_4668-050-01 PARP HSA Enzyme

msds_4667-50-03 3-Aminobenzamide

msds_4671-096-04 10X Strep-Diluent

4678-096-P Safety Data Sheets are not provided for “articles” defined as a manufactured item other than a fluid or particle.

msds_4800-30-06 Strep-HRP

msds_4675-096-01 PARP PeroxyGlowA

msds_4675-096-02 PARP PeroxyGlowB

Catalog # 4676-096-K includes :
Catalog Number Description Qty
4667-50-03 3-Aminobenzamide 1
4668-050-01 Human PARP 1 Enzyme, HSA 1
4671-096-02 20X PARP Buffer 2
4671-096-03 10X PARP Cocktail 1
4671-096-06 10X Activated DNA 1
4671-096-04 10X Strep-Diluent 1
4675-096-01 PeroxyGlow™ A 1
4675-096-02 PeroxyGlow™ B 1
4678-096-P Histone-Coated White Strip Well Plate 1
4800-30-06 Strep-HRP 1

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