Manganese Cation


Manganese is one of the cations provided with the TACS® TdT kits to optimize TUNEL labeling based on tissue type.

Please refer to the application table in the kit manual under the product literature tab.

This product is only available under cat# 4810-90-14 for individual purchase.

Available Size(s): 2 x 50μl Catalog Number: 4810-90-14 Category:


4810-30-14 is part of several kits including TACS 2 TdT, TACS specialty and TACS-XL kits.
See protocols below for application examples:


Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

msds_4810-30-14 50X Manganese Cation

msds_4810-90-14 50X Manganese Cation

Catalog # 4810-90-14 includes :
Catalog Number Description Qty
4810-30-14 50X Manganese Cation 2