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NeuroPore™  is a non-proteolytic permeabilization and blocking reagent developed for use with the NeuroTACS™ In Situ Apoptosis Detection Kit (Cat# 4820-30-K). Many tissues of the central nervous system are fragile and do not tolerate harsh proteolytic treatment. NeuroPore™ provides a gentle method for the permeabilization of tissues prior to in situ labeling. In addition, NeuroPore™ is an ideal antibody diluent for use in double labeling experiments antigenic determinants are retained during permeabilization and can be detected using standard immunohistochemical techniques in conjunction with in situ detection of apoptosis.

Available Size(s): 2 x 5 ml, 5 ml Catalog Number: 4820-60-01 Category:


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msds_4820-60-01 NeuroPore

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