DermaTACS™ In Situ Apoptosis Detection Kit


The DermaTACS™ Kit was developed to provide researchers with an effective method for measuring apoptosis in skin samples. The kit was based on DNA end-labeling using terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT), modified nucleotides (BrdU). Detection of incorporated molecules is achieved using a biotinylated BrdU antibody and chromogenic substrate with a Streptavidin horseradish peroxidase detection system.

Available Size(s): 30 Samples Catalog Number: 4829-30-K Category:


The extracellular scaffolding in skin tissue can make it problematic to permeabilize and high background is a common problem with skin samples. The DermaTACS™ Kit includes two permeabilization reagents as options for permeabilization along with a detailed protocol with hints and tips for optimal labeling of skin samples based on empirical testing. Low background is achieved using a combination of the high specificity of Trevigen’s unique cation-based optimized TdT labeling reaction using Apoptosis Grade™ TdT and TACS Blue Label™ as the visualization method. Also included is TACS-Nuclease™ to generate a positive control from your own sample. In conjunction with the excellent contrast between the TACS Blue Label™ and the Red Counterstain C, the positive control ensures easy data interpretation.

This complete kit provides all the reagents required for labeling including two permeabilization reagents, labeling and detection reagents, stop buffer, counterstain, and TACS-Nuclease™.




Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

msds_4800-30-01 Proteinase K

msds_4800-30-06 Strep-HRP

msds_4800-30-11 TACS-Blue Label

msds_4800-30-15 TACS-Nuclease

msds_4800-30-16 TACS-Nuclease Buffer

msds_4800-30-19 Red Counterstain C

msds_4810-30-02 10X TdT Labeling Buffer

msds_4810-30-03 10X TdT Stop Buffer

msds_4810-30-05 TdT Enzyme

msds_4828-30-04 B dNTP Mix

msds_4828-30-06 Anti-BrdU Antibody

msds_4828-30-12 Strep-Diluent

msds_4876-05-01 Cytonin

Catalog Number Description Qty
4800-30-01 Proteinase K 1
4800-30-06 Streptavidin-HRP 1
4800-30-11 TACS-Blue Label™ 1
4800-30-15 TACS-Nuclease™ 1
4800-30-16 TACS-Nuclease™ Buffer 1
4800-30-19 Red Counterstain C 1
4810-30-02 TACS® 2 TdT Labeling Buffer 1
4810-30-03 TACS® 2 TdT Stop Buffer 1
4810-30-05 TdT Enzyme 1
4828-30-04 B-dNTP Mix 1
4828-30-06 anti-BrdU antibody 1
4828-30-12 Strep-Diluent 1
4876-05-01 Cytonin™ 1

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