TumorTACS™ In Situ Apoptosis Detection Kit


TumorTACS™ is a complete TUNEL assay based kit tailored for the detection of DNA fragmentation associated with apoptosis in tumors or cancer cells.

Available Size(s): 30 Samples Catalog Number: 4815-30-K Category:


The labeling of tumor-containing specimens can be problematic due to the high levels of necrosis in these tissues. During necrosis, cessation of homeostasis, cell swelling, and nuclear membrane rupture generates highly degraded DNA that can interfere with interpretation of data.

Trevigen’s kit has an optimized TUNEL-based system that preferentially labels the double-stranded DNA found in apoptotic cells. DNA fragments generated during apoptosis are end-labeled with modified nucleotides using a highly purified terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase enzyme (TdT) in a unique non-toxic labeling buffer supplemented with a tailored cation to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio. The incorporated nucleotides are subsequently detected using a horseradish peroxidase conjugate. The conjugate catalyzes the conversion of diaminobenzidine (DAB) into a visible dark brown precipitate. The kit includes methyl green counterstain which is a general counterstain appropriate for a wide variety of tissues and tumor types and provides good contrast with the brown DAB in labeled cells. A DAB enhancer is also provided with the kit for the option to intensify or darken DAB staining.

TumorTACS™ contains all the reagents required for permeabilizing, labeling, staining, and counterstaining tumor samples, including TACS-Nuclease™ for preparing positive controls.


  • Unique buffer system produces more consistent labeling.
  • Performance tested on tumor samples.
  • Includes both Proteinase K and  exclusive non-enzymatic Cytonin™ permeabilization reagent.
  • Includes TACS-Nuclease™ solution for preparing sample-dependent positive controls.
  • Helps resolve unique problems encountered when using tissues or cells from tumors.


  • In situ detection of apoptosis in fixed frozen, paraffin embedded, or plastic embedded cells and tissues.
  • Assists in the identification of apoptotic morphologies.



Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

msds_4800-30-01 Proteinase K

msds_4800-30-06 Strep-HRP

msds_4800-30-07 Diaminobenzidine

msds_4800-30-09 DAB Enhancer Reagent

msds_4800-30-15 TACS-Nuclease

msds_4800-30-16 TACS-Nuclease Buffer

msds_4800-30-18 1.0 Methyl Green

msds_4810-30-02 10X TdT Labeling Buffer

msds_4810-30-03 10X TdT Stop Buffer

msds_4810-30-04 TdT dNTP Mix

msds_4810-30-05 TdT Enzyme

msds_4810-30-14 50X Manganese Cation

msds_4876-05-01 Cytonin

Catalog # 4815-30-K includes :
Catalog Number Description Qty
4800-30-01 Proteinase K 1
4800-30-06 Streptavidin-HRP 1
4800-30-07 Diaminobenzidine 1
4800-30-09 DAB Enhancer 1
4800-30-15 TACS-Nuclease™ 1
4800-30-16 TACS-Nuclease™ Buffer 1
4800-30-18 Methyl Green 1% 1
4810-30-02 TACS® 2 TdT Labeling Buffer 1
4810-30-03 TACS® 2 TdT Stop Buffer 1
4810-30-04 TACS® 2 TdT dNTP 1
4810-30-05 TdT Enzyme 1
4810-30-14 50x Manganese Cation 1
4876-05-01 Cytonin™ 1

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