TACS® 2 TdT Fluorescein Kit


The TACS® 2 TdT Fluorescein kit utilizes Trevigen’s unique cation optimization system to enhance in situ detection of apoptosis by TUNEL in fixed frozen, paraffin embedded, or plastic embedded cells and tissues.

Available Size(s): 30 Samples Catalog Number: 4812-30-K Category:


Enzymatic incorporation of biotinylated nucleotides in fragmented DNA is performed by a highly purified form of the TdT enzyme in a non-toxic labeling buffer. Biotin labeling is detected using a fluorescein conjugate of streptavidin and visualized by epifluorescence microscopy. This complete kit provides all the reagents required for labeling including two permeabilization reagents, labeling and detection reagents, stop buffers, counterstain, and TACS-Nuclease™ reagents for generating positive controls with your own samples. Please refer to our components listing for details.


  • TdT based in situ labeling.
  • Fluorescence detection.
  • Cation optimization option for high signal and low background.
  • Includes both Proteinase K and exclusive Cytonin™  non-enzymatic permeabilization reagent.
  • Includes TACS-Nuclease™ control reagents.


  • In situ detection of apoptosis in fixed frozen, paraffin embedded, or plastic embedded cells and tissues.
  • Fluorescence microscopy.



Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

msds_4800-30-01 Proteinase K

msds_4800-30-14 Strep-Fluorescein

msds_4800-30-15 TACS-Nuclease

msds_4800-30-16 TACS-Nuclease Buffer

msds_4810-30-02 10X TdT Labeling Buffer

msds_4810-30-03 10X TdT Stop Buffer

msds_4810-30-04 TdT dNTP Mix

msds_4810-30-05 TdT Enzyme

msds_4810-30-09 50X Cobalt Cation

msds_4810-30-10 50X Magnesium Cation

msds_4810-30-14 50X Manganese Cation

msds_4876-05-01 Cytonin

Catalog # 4812-30-K includes :
Catalog Number Description Qty
4800-30-01 Proteinase K 1
4800-30-14 Streptavidin-FITC 1
4800-30-15 TACS-Nuclease™ 1
4800-30-16 TACS-Nuclease™ Buffer 1
4810-30-02 TACS® 2 TdT Labeling Buffer 1
4810-30-03 TACS® 2 TdT Stop Buffer 1
4810-30-04 TACS® 2 TdT dNTP 1
4810-30-05 TdT Enzyme 1
4810-30-09 50x Cobalt Cation 1
4810-30-10 50x Magnesium Cation 1
4810-30-14 50x Manganese Cation 1
4876-05-01 Cytonin™ 1

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