TACS® Blue Label Module

TACS® Blue Label Module is a 2-reagent module that contains TACS® Blue Label and Blue Strep-Diluent.  TACS® Blue Label is a peroxidase substrate that produces a stable insoluble blue reaction product at the site of peroxidase activity and Blue Strep-Diluent is  a proprietary Strep-HRP diluent formulated to be used in TUNEL-Based assay, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization techniques.

Available Size(s): 30 Samples Catalog Number: 4800-30-BL Category:

This product has been discontinued.


Part of 4828/4811 TUNEL Kits



Material Safety Data Sheet(s)

msds_4800-30-11 TACS-Blue Label

msds_4800-30-12 Blue Strep-HRP Diluent

Catalog # 4800-30-BL includes :
Catalog Number Description Qty
4800-30-11 TACS-Blue Label™ 1
4800-30-12 Blue Strep-HRP Diluent 1