Several plates and inserts are available for the matrix protein coated labware.  For cell invasion, we offer Boyden chambers coated with high, medium, or low coating densities of basement membrane matrix with the different coating densities providing the optimal invasion barrier for highly, moderately, or poorly invasion cell lines, respectively. These chambers are available as 24 individual inserts, providing flexibility for small studies, or as a single 96 well plate, providing a convenient format for large studies.  For evaluating vascular permeability, similar chambers containing much smaller membrane pores are coated with collagen I to promote endothelial cell adhesion and assembly of an intact vascular sheet to evaluate factors that disrupt vascular integrity.  These products provide standardized, turnkey alternatives to BioCoatTM Matrigel® coated inserts and plates.

BioCoat is a trademark and Matrigel is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated.

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