Cultrex® BME

Cultrex® Basement Membrane Extract (BME), Trevigen’s Basement Membrane Matrix, is a soluble form of basement membrane purified from Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) tumor. The matrix gels at 37 °C to form a reconstituted basement membrane. The major components of BME include laminin, collagen IV, entactin, and heparan sulfate proteoglycan. BME can be used in multiple applications, under a variety of cell culture conditions, for maintaining growth or promoting differentiation of primary endothelial, epithelial, smooth muscle and stem cells. BME can also be utilized in cell attachment, neurite outgrowth, angiogenesis, in vitro cell invasion and in vivo tumorigenicity assays. Trevigen has different BME formulations to provide superior alternatives to Matrigel® or Geltrex®.

Matrix Buffer Concentration Applications
Cultrex® Original BME DMEM 12-18 mg/ml General (2D Culture, 3-D Culture, Attachment, Invasion, etc.)
Cultrex® Stem Cell Qualified BME DMEM 12-18 mg/ml Attachment and Maintenance of Stem Cells
Cultrex® 3-D Culture Matrix™ BME DMEM 14-16 mg/ml 3-D Culture
Cultrex® Organoid Qualified BME, Type 2 DMEM 12-18 mg/ml Robust Organoid Culture
Cultrex® BME, Type 3 RPMI1640 12-18 mg/ml Xenograft/Tumorgraft
Cultrex® Organoid Qualified BME, Type R1 DMEM 12-18 mg/ml Difficult to Grow Organoid Culture

Matrigel is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated. Geltrex is a registered trademark of Invitrogen Corporation.

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