3D Culture

Trevigen offers a wide variety of Cultrex® 3D culture products to recapitulate cellular behaviors and morphologies similar to those seen in vivo. These products are designed, developed, produced, qualified, and supported by our Cultrex® laboratory staff. Products include alternatives to Matrigel® and Geltrex® including several unique types of Basement Membrane Matrix) qualified for 3D culture, stem cells, spheroid, and organoid culture. Other 3D matrices offered include Laminin I and Collagen I. Trevigen has developed assay kits for angiogenesis, embryoid body formation, spheroid proliferation and spheroid invasion. Trevigen has also developed matrices qualified for gastro-intestinal organoids, as well as a selection of mouse and human organoid progenitor cells.

Matrigel is a registered trademark of Corning Incorporated. Geltrex is a registered trademark of Invitrogen Corporation.

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  • Organoid Culture

    Organoid Culture (5)

    New culture models such as 3D and organotypic cultures are becoming increasingly popular. The need to recapitulate the physiology and anatomy of living tissues has propelled the development of improved reagents and labware that can support these new types of culture. Organoids are usually defined as mini-organs grown in vitro and because both types, tissue and stem cell organoids, require an extracellular matrix (ECM) in order to maintain their viability and proliferate, Trevigen has developed a new line of organoid qualified matrices. Our exclusives matrices, Organoid Qualified BME type 2 and BME-R1, were rigorously qualified using enteroids and are the best choice for your organoid culture.
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  • Qualified Matrices

    Qualified Matrices (3)

    Extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins must be able to assemble into biologically active scaffolds to provide structural and functional organization of resident cells in 3D cultures. These cultures recapitulate cell-ECM interactions for in vivo-like self assembly of cells in vitro to mimic their emanating tissue. Cultrex® 3D Culture Qualified Basement Memebrane Matrix, Laminin I, and Collagen I undergo rigorous 3D testing so that you can be confident that the product will work for your 3D culture application.
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    • Cell Harvesting

      Cell Harvesting (7)

      The adaptation of 3D culture models for studying biochemical processes has been impeded by the challenge of separating intact cells from extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins comprising the hydrogel. Commonly, proteases are employed to degrade these extracellular proteins; however, proteases also degrade proteins on the cell surface and protease activity may carry over into lysate preparations. Trevigen has developed non-enzymatic methodologies for depolymerizing ECM proteins, providing optimized and standardized solutions for separating intact structures from 3D cultures.
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