Standard Comet Assay (CometAssay®)

In the standard comet assay, cells are immobilized in a bed of low melting point agarose on a specially treated microscope slide. Following gentle cell lysis, and for the alkaline comet assay, samples are treated with alkali to unwind and denature the DNA and hydrolyze sites of damage. The remaining nucleoids are subjected to electrophoresis and subsequent staining with a fluorescent DNA intercalating dye. Trevigen provides a complete standardized system for consistent results which includes CometAssay® Kits, CometSlides™, Alkaline and Neutral CometAssay® Control Cells and a specialized electrophoresis unit.

Contract Services are also available for the Comet Assay.

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  • CometAssay® Electrophoresis Starter Kits

    CometAssay® Electrophoresis Starter Kits (4)

    CometAssay® Electrophoresis Starter Kits include a Reagent Kit (with 2, 20 or 96 well CometSlides™), Alkaline Control Cells, and the CometAssay® Electrophoresis System II (with optional power supply).

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    • CometAssay® Reagent Kits

      CometAssay® Reagent Kits (3)

      CometAssay® Kits include specially treated CometSlides™ (2, 20, or 96 well), reagents and detailed instructions for performing the alkaline and neutral comet assays.

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      • CometAssay® Silver Staining

        CometAssay® Silver Staining (2)

        Recording of data generated by the CometAssay® and staining with fluorescent dyes requires epifluorescence microscopy. With silver staining, permanent records are created and visualization of comets using standard light microscopy is possible.

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        • CometSlides™ and Rack System

          CometSlides™ and Rack System (4)

          CometSlides™ allow direct application of low melt agarose without base layers or pretreatment and are available in 2, 20, and 96 well format. The Rack System accommodates 2, 3 (FLARE™) or 20 well slides for use in the CometAssay® and FLARE™ assays.

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          • CometAssay® Control Cells

            CometAssay® Control Cells (1)

            CometAssay® Control Cells are cryopreserved suspension cells containing different levels of DNA damage to be used as controls when performing either the alkaline or neutral comet assay.

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            • CometAssay® Reagents

              CometAssay® Reagents (3)

              CometAssay® Low Melt Agarose (LMAgarose), Lysis Solution and EDTA are ready to use in convenient sizes.

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