FLARE™ Assay

Trevigen’s FLARE™ (Fragment Length Analysis using Repair Enzymes) Assay Kits provide the ability to assess the type of DNA damage using DNA Repair enzymes when used in combination with the comet assay. Cells harvested after treatment are immobilized in low melting point agarose on a specially treated microscope slide.  The cells are gently lysed and then incubated with DNA Repair enzyme to assess the type of damage present.  The slides are then immersed in an alkali solution, to unwind and denature the DNA strands, and subjected to electrophoresis and subsequent DNA staining. The type of DNA damage is inferred from the substrate specificity of the DNA Repair enzyme. Trevigen provides a complete standardized system for consistent results which includes Fpg and hOGG1 specific FLARE™ Assay Kits containing FLARE™ Slides designed to work with Trevigen’s CometAssay® Electrophoresis System and reagents.

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