The 96-Well CometChip® System is a high-throughput platform to simultaneously treat and measure DNA damage induced by different treatments, or among different cell types on a single slide using the comet assay. The CometChip® is a consumable consisting of specifically sized micron pores patterned into agarose. 96 separate wells are created by inserting the CometChip® into a reusable magnetically-sealed cassette suitable for tissue culture incubators. Cells added to each well are captured by gravity into micropores and excess cells are aspirated, leaving an array of non-overlapping cells. Multiple experimental conditions are performed in parallel by the addition of different chemicals to respective wells. Once treatment is complete the CometChip® is removed from the cassette and processed using standard alkaline comet conditions and imaging systems. Electrophoresis of the CometChip® is designed to work with Trevigen’s CometAssay® Electrophoresis System and reagents.

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