Assay Kits

Trevigen offers kits that measure the in vivo and in vitro activities of PARP. The Homogeneous Inhibition Assay Kit for PARP 1 is well suited for the large-scale screening of compound libraries. Our Universal Assay Kits for  PARP 1 are designed to analyze small numbers of inhibitors providing accurate IC50 information. Once inhibitors of PARP 1 have been identified using in vitro screening assays, their in vivo activity in tissue or peripheral blood mononuclear cell extracts can be measured using Trevigen’s PARP in vivo Pharmacodynamic Assay II Kit. The PARP/Apoptosis Assay Kits measure decreasing levels of PARP 1 activity as cells move through the apoptotic pathway in cell line extracts.  Tankyrase 1 (PARP 5A) Activity Assay Kits are also available for the screening of Tankyrase 1 inhibitors and determining IC50 values.

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