Trevigen offers 2 types of controls for the TUNEL based assays.

TACS® Tissue Control Slides are paraffin embedded thymus sections that can be used to develop familiarity with the methods of in situ apoptosis labeling and to determine if reagents are working optimally. Tissue Control Slides can be used alone or with TACS-Nuclease™.

TACS-Nuclease™  is a DNA endonuclease used to prepare a positive control from your own samples. TACS-Nuclease™  can simply be added to the labeling reaction mixture or if preferred in a separate step. DNA fragments formed by the action of this enzyme serve as substrates for labeling, producing a positive signal in virtually every cell. This reagent is included in the TACS® and TACS·XL® Kits.

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    TACS® Tissue Control Slides

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