Apoptosis Assay Reagents

Trevigen® offers a wide range of supplemental reagents to support its TACS® apoptosis line of products. They include microscopy products such as coverslips, mounting media as well as stand-alone products for kit-based application development including controls, permeabilization reagents, counterstains and detection reagents such as streptavidin conjugates and peroxidase substrates.

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  • Apoptosis Grade PBS Buffer and Water

    Apoptosis Grade PBS Buffer and Water (1)

    Laboratory grade solutions suitable for washing or reagent preparation for all TACS® in situ apoptosis detection (TUNEL) procedures, CometAssay® (Cat# 4250-50-K) applications, and a variety of other applications requiring ultrapure H2O or PBS buffer.

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    • Controls

      Controls (1)

      Trevigen offers 2 types of controls for the TUNEL based assays.

      TACS® Tissue Control Slides are paraffin embedded thymus sections that can be used to develop familiarity with the methods of in situ apoptosis labeling and to determine if reagents are working optimally. Tissue Control Slides can be used alone or with TACS-Nuclease™.

      TACS-Nuclease™  is a DNA endonuclease used to prepare a positive control from your own samples. TACS-Nuclease™  can simply be added to the labeling reaction mixture or if preferred in a separate step. DNA fragments formed by the action of this enzyme serve as substrates for labeling, producing a positive signal in virtually every cell. This reagent is included in the TACS® and TACS·XL® Kits.

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      • Counterstains

        Counterstains (4)

        Trevigen offers a variety of counterstains for use in our TACS® assay kits. Nuclear Fast Red is the ideal counterstain for Trevigen kits employing the TACS Blue Label™ chromogenic substrate. Red Counterstain C provides an alternative for a red counterstain. Our Methyl Green stain provides an excellent contrast with DAB detection systems and is free of crystal violet contamination and Blue Counterstain, unlike Methyl Green, works well in neuronal tissue, and is also a good choice for double-labeling with brown or red detection systems.

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        • Detection Reagents

          Detection Reagents (8)

          Trevigen offers a variety of products that can be ordered individually as a kit component replacement or for other applications. Please search by catalog number or browse through this section.

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          • Mounting Media

            Mounting Media (1)

            Trevigen mounting media are compatible with the colorimetric substrates and fluorescent conjugate found in the TACS® Kit and TACS-XL® kits.

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            • Permeabilization Reagents for in situ Apoptosis Detection

              Permeabilization Reagents for in situ Apoptosis Detection (3)

              Permeabilization is a critical step in any in situ labeling experiment.

              Trevigen offers several methods to achieve ideal permeabilization for fixed cells and tissues samples. Proteinase K allows an enzymatic digestion of the tissues for a quick and efficient permeabilization.  Cytonin™ and Neuropore™ are non-enzymatic options offering a more gentle approach better suited for delicate samples such as brain or lungs.

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              • Hydrophobic Coverslips

                Hydrophobic Coverslips (1)

                The hydrophobic coverslips can be used to conserve reagents when larger sample areas are being labeled with the TACS® kits or the FLARE™ assays.  The hydrophobic nature of the coverslip surface allows rapid and even distribution of reagents over the entire sample being labeled.

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                • TdT Reagents

                  TdT Reagents (7)

                  Trevigen® offers a wide range of supplemental reagents available individually to support its TACS® apoptosis line of products.
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