TACS® Specialty Kits

Trevigen has developed a series of TUNEL-based assay kits for the in situ detection of apoptosis with colorimetric and fluorometric options.

The TACS® 2 TdT Blue Label, TACS® 2 TdT DAB and TACS® 2 TdT Fluorescein kits offer Trevigen’s unique cation optimization system to enhance labeling within particular tissues. The TACS® 2 TdT Kits also employ a proprietary labeling buffer that contains no toxic components (e.g. sodium cacodylate). A highly purified form of the TdT enzyme is included for the enzymatic incorporation of biotinylated nucleotides. Biotin labeling is detected using streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase, and colorimetric substrates diaminobenzidine (DAB), or TACS Blue Label™. For fluorescent detection, a fluorescein conjugate of streptavidin is used and visualized by epifluorescence microscopy.

The TACS® specialty kits are tailored for the detection of DNA fragmentation associated with apoptosis in a variety of cell and tissue types and for analysis by different methods that include microscopy, flow cytometry, and 96 well plates. CardioTACS™, NeuroTACS™ II, TumorTACS™, VasoTACS™   have been rigorously qualified and field tested for tissue-specific labeling.  These kits incorporates all the benefits of the TACS® 2 TdT kit with a tissue tailored cation system that enhances signal-to-noise ratio.  FlowTACS™ is a flow cytometry variant of TUNEL and TiterTACS™ offers a 96 well plate version of the assay.

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