New Trevigen Software Revolutionizes Comet Assay Analysis

Trevigen, a biotechnology company in Gaithersburg, Maryland, announces the release of breakthrough software unmatched in its performance, designed to improve and standardize comet analysis. By suppressing experimental noise, decreasing labor, adding new functionalities and vastly increasing throughput, it is expected that the novel technology of the Comet Analysis Software has the potential to advance the Comet Assay analysis to a Tier 1 toxicology test.

Trevigen is recognized internationally for the commercialization and standardization of the Comet Assay. The assay is well-established for measuring DNA damage levels in mammalian cells. For over 10 years the Trevigen Research and Development team has been improving the technology, creating optimized instrumentation, reagents, and assay protocols. While effective, the assay has not yet gained wide acceptance primarily due to difficulties in harmonization as a consequence of lab-to-lab, person-to person, and slide-to-slide variation.

The Comet Analysis Software addresses these issues. The software can rapidly evaluate large numbers of cells and generate summary statistics, increasing processivity approximately 10,000% over traditional comet analysis. It is specially engineered to complement and operate as the computational component of Trevigen’s unique CometAssay® Electrophoresis System. The power, ease and speed of analysis can be especially appreciated when coupled with Trevigen’s exclusive CometChip® High Throughput System. It is compatible with 4X images, an important feature as most commercially available software operates with 10X images only. This factor allows for rapid screening – greater than 300 comets in seconds when using the CometChip®.

Trevigen’s Comet Analysis Software efficiently analyzes digital images representing fields of cells run in the Comet Assay. It applies state-of-the-art image processing methods to automatically locate scorable cells, and generates powerful analytic measures to characterize and quantify the degree of DNA damage revealed by the comet assay. In addition to Tail Length, these measures include: Tail Area, Integrated Cell Intensity, Percent DNA in Tail, Tail Moment, Tail Moment Arm, Tail Moment of Inertia, and Fragmentation.

Trevigen, Inc. develops, produces and markets contract services, reagents, kits, instruments and analysis software under the CometAssay® and CometChip® brands. The company is the recipient of multiple NIH grants.

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