In our efforts to provide our customers with products that reflect state of the art technology, we have developed collaborations with leading scientists and biotechnology companies in the scientific community. Members of our biotechnology company and those that we collaborate with are among some of the most qualified specialists in the field of cancer research.

Robert Sobol, Ph.D.

Dr. Sobol is a member of both the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program and the Brain Tumor Program at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) and holds an academic appointment in the Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine and a secondary appointment in the Department of Human Genetics (School of Public Health) as Assistant Professor. In addition, Dr. Sobol is the Director of the UPCI Lentiviral Facility and co-Director of the UPCI Vector Core Facility. Research in the Sobol lab focuses on the mechanism of base excision repair, PARP and NAD+ metabolism in human cells and the convergent role of these enzymes and pathways in response to chemotherapy. Dr. Sobol is a collaborator for the development of knock down cell lines and unique DNA repair assays.

Bevin Engleward, Ph.D.

Dr. Engleward received her Ph.D. from Harvard and is now a tenured professor at MIT. Her work is focused on inflammatory chemicals and the interplay between inflammation, DNA repair and genomic stability. Since 2006, Bevin Engelward has participated in the development of the Chulabhorn Graduate Institute in Bangkok, Thailand, and she is currently affiliated with the Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART). Dr. Engelward and her collaborators have worked to create an array based higher throughput DNA repair assay that can be used for basic research as well as epidemiology, drug discovery, and drug safety. The CometChip was developed as part of this effort. Her main objectives are to further our understanding of the molecular underpinnings of gene-environment interactions to provide new research tools. Ultimately it is hoped that this work will contribute toward improved public health.

Hynda Kleinman, Ph.D.

For several years, Trevigen has engaged the inventor of Basement Membrane Extract (BME), Dr. Hynda Kleinman, as a Science Advisor. In that capacity, Dr. Kleinman has recommended and critiqued the acquisition of raw materials, production strategy and stability, and performance testing for Cultrex BME. Her direction has been captured by “hands on” Ph.D. Senior Scientists and highly qualified technicians. In addition to her strategic advice on the production and qualification of BME, Dr. Kleinman freely interacts with Trevigen customers, giving advice on conducting experimental work, and formally lecturing in seminars and in webinars.



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